Salt Neutraliser

Vulcaseal Salt Neutraliser is an advanced salt neutralising formulation that does not harm the substrate in anyway. Not only does it remove salt on the surface, but penetrates deep into the substrate, preventing reappearance.

Vulcaseal Salt Neutraliser can be used on any surface where salt build up occurs such as patios, natural stone, masonry and other stone surfaces.

Application Guide

  • 01

    Consult MSDS before use.

    Always carry out a test first to ensure the finished result is acceptable.

    Shake the container well.

    For very heavily contaminated surfaces, use a suitable cleaner from the Vulcaseal range first.

    Pour the product into the Vulcaseal Spray Applicator.

  • 02

    Spray generously onto the contaminated surface.

    Allow the product to act for 1 hour and then reapply.

  • 03

    Leave for a further 24 hours and then wash away surface salts with a power jet or brush using a dilution of 1:50 water.

    Once dry, protect the surface with a sealer from the Vulcaseal range.

Product Information


Neutralises and removes salt.
Does not alter the aesthetics or nature of the substrate.
Penetrates deep into the substrate.

Product Size

1 ltr & 5 ltr


Up to 5m² per litre.

Chemical Composition

Surfactants and foaming agents: comply with European Directives EEC 82/242 and 82/243.


12 months in unopened container, stored in dry and frost free conditions.

Technical Data

Physical State at 20°C Liquid
Appearance Colourless
Odour Barely perceptible odour
pH 3.5
VOC 0 g/l
Boiling Point 100 °C
Density 1.0 Kg/L

Health and Safety

Wear safety goggles if splashing is likely.
In case of ingestion do not provoke vomiting. Keep out of the reach of children

Technical Overview


Heavy salt residue on stone surface.


Result on surface after using Vulcaseal Salt Neutraliser.