Tile & Stone Sealer

Vulcaseal Tile & Stone Sealer has high penetration properties which impregnate into the surface of the hard or polished stone, preventing any water or stains to soak in and cause damage.

The product is applied in a single application and does not alter the appearance of the surface in any way. Any substance that comes into contact with the stone can be wiped off without staining.

Application Guide

  • 01

    Consult MSDS before use.

    Always carry out a test first to ensure the finished result is acceptable.

    Ensure the surface to be treated is free from dirt by using a cleaner from the Vulcaseal range.

    For larger areas, the product in liquid format can be applied using the Vulcaseal Spray Applicator or can be applied by brush, on smaller areas.

    Shake the container well and pour into the Vulcaseal Spray Applicator if spray applying, or into a small bucket if brush applying.

  • 02

    Spray or brush onto the surface until saturation.

    Leave for 5 minutes and then apply a very moderate  second application.

    After 20 minutes buff away any excess product.

  • 03

    Allow treated surface to dry for 24 hours, free from water and dirt.

    Full performance will be reached in 7 days.

    Thoroughly clean all equipment after use with warm water.

Product Information


Protection against water and staining.
High penetration into hard surfaces.
Invisible when dry.

Product Size

1 ltr & 5 ltr


Up to 20m² per litre.

Chemical Composition

Surfactants and foaming agents: comply with European Directives EEC 82/242 and 82/243.


12 months in unopened container, stored in dry and frost free conditions.

Technical Data

Physical State at 20°C Liquid/Cream
Appearance Colourless
Odour None
pH 8 ± 0.5
VOC <1 g/l
Boiling Point 100 °C
Density 1.0 Kg/L

Health and Safety

Safety goggles recommended.
Safety gloves recommended.
In case of ingestion do not provoke vomiting. Contact a doctor or a specialist.
Keep out of the reach of children.

Technical Overview


Effect of staining on Tiled Surface.


Result on surface after using Vulcaseal Tile & Stone Sealer.