Vulcaseal protection on Park Hill Walkway floors

Overlooking the centre of Sheffield this iconic building is undergoing a high profile refurbishment bringing it back to the forefront of the cities vibrant modern community. In 1998 the buildings became designated as the largest listed structure in Europe, having started life when the housing development project was opened in 1961 fronted by inspired architecture. Replacing the original ‘back-to-back’ housing stock, Park Hill’s history has subsequently carried a combination of plaudits and criticism. However, nothing can be taken away that the buildings have always been a bold expression of a contemporary approach to dealing with housing issues for a city at the heart of Britain’s steel producing industrial heritage.

Urban Splash are the developers responsible for the buildings current upgrading and overhaul and Vulcaseal had been approached to suggest an appropriate treatment for the newly laid dark grey porcelain flooring on the external decks of each floor which being open to the elements required optimum performance for protection.

A selection of Vulcaseal treatments were applied to tile samples and submitted for the Architects approval, and as a result Vulcaseal V277 was selected and approved. A water-based, breathable surface impregnation treatment, Vulcaseal V277 has color enhancement properties in addition to ensuring cleaning of the walkways was easier by preventing staining from penetrating the surface therefore making it easier to clean. The product has a 0.0% VOC content and gave no issues regarding its suitability and environmental credentials. The works have been carried out by specialist installers Moore Brothers.